Increase In Visitor Arrivals from the Caribbean for First Half of 2012

Colin Piper

Dominica’s tourism is in a much better place as visitor arrivals from the Caribbean grew by 1.2% during the first six months of 2012, representing 47.7% of stay-over visitation to Dominica.

Director of Tourism and CEO of Discover Dominica Authority, Mr. Colin Piper says this will have a positive impact on Dominica as the persons involved in the tourism sector and also the wider country will see the effect of this increase.

Mr. Piper added this increase may be a direct result of the fact that it is still less costly to travel within the Caribbean, rather than other places in the world which has been affected by the economic crisis.

As a sub-region, arrivals from Guadeloupe and Martinique represented 49.5% of regional stay-over arrivals and 23.6% of total visitation; this was despite a 1.7% decline in total arrivals from these two countries combined.

He added that with each additional visitor spending an average of $300EC per day, this circulates throughout the country where locals will benefit directly or indirectly, and every additional person makes a difference.

This increase may continue throughout this year as during the World Creole Music Festival and Christmas there is a sharp influx of visitors to Dominica.

Mr. Piper says during the first six months of 2012, English speaking Caricom arrivals grew by 8.4%; 28.8% of these arrivals were for business, and vacation and leisure was 70.3%, which translates to a 14.5% increase over 2011.

Although money spent by excursionist is lower than that of stay over visitors, nevertheless it is being spent in Dominica.


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