Increase In Youth Smoking Marijuana And Tobacco

Health Minister Honourable Julius Timothy is urging Dominicans, to stop smoking as it is causing a lot of health problems.


Mr. Timothy also pointed out that, the frequency of smoking in the youth is very alarming, and something needs to be done.


Mr. Timothy says that it is very important that, the public does not use marijuana as an alternative to tobacco, as marijuana smokers live shorter lives, and this is not something that we need in Dominica.


He also highlighted a preliminary research, which is being conducted in Jamaica on Rastafarians, who say marijuana is their herb, but it is this same herb that is the reason they are not living long.


Mr. Timothy also added that in the government’s efforts to reducing smoking, a tobacco free draft legislation has been prepared and is being fine tuned, to then hand over to the Legal Affairs Department and finally to Cabinet for approval.


He went on to say that, the government is very much committed, to having the smoking of tobacco eliminated in public places.


However patrons had mixed feelings on the issue of marijuana and tobacco smoking.


One patron who chose to remain anonymous said that, the youth of today are smoking marijuana as a habit which is creating a negative image about it than ever before.


The patron also added that, the excuse used by the youth is saying that they smoke when they are stressed to free up their mind which is unacceptable, and is just to justify their abuse of the illegal drug.


Another patron who had no problem with the smoking of marijuana says that, in his travels to many countries in the Caribbean, he notices many more young people smoking marijuana than Dominica.


He also added that when you have lack of employment and lack of finance, more people will smoke to get their mind of the stresses of life and bad situations.


Another patron says that marijuana is not being used as a gateway drug, but it is being used to escape some of the social pressures of social circumstances.


The gentleman went on to say that everyone uses marijuana for different reasons, as he used it during his school days to relax his mind when studying.

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