“Independence Celebrations are a Special Occasion,” says Minister of Youth and Sports


Minister of Youth and Sports, Justina Charles

Following the Media Launch of Independence, on Wednesday September 4th, Minister of Youth and Sports, Justina Charles, made the statement that Dominica’s Independence Celebrations are special occasions.

“Each year, when we come together as one to celebrate our achievements and cultural heritage, let us take a moment to reflect on the past 35 years and look at the strides we have made throughout our development.

Ms. Charles said, that when we reflect on the past and recognize the progress we have made as an independent nation, we will portray Dominica as a greater nation.

She noted that many of the events cared for this year’s independence have now become established traditions including: Heritage Day, Creole Day, Creole Week, World Creole Music Festival and Creole in the Park amongst others.

Ms. Charles says this year, the Cultural competitions will be replaced by festivals.

“We encourage individuals and groups to register and to participate in these festivals,” she added.

The Minister stated, that as we pursue economic development, we must always ensure that we develop culturally and spiritually as a people.

She believes our independence celebrations are vital for sustaining our culture and best spiritual values.

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