Independence or Autonomous Status for Curacao?

Coat of Arms of Curacao

During the last two months eight political parties in Curacao have battled for the 21 seats in parliament.

The main topic during this election campaign was whether Curacao should choose independence from the Netherlands or remain an autonomous country within the Dutch Kingdom.

Every political party has their own view on this topic.

The Democrat/Laboral party is saying that each country will eventually be independent, that is our ultimate goal. But they must be well prepared. Curacao has opted for an autonomous status, with a view to independence.

The Partido Alternativa Real (PAR) says that they do not believe in independence. They believe in cooperation with the Kingdom and strong ties with the Netherlands. Curacao must be self-reliant but leaning on each other. This promotes the welfare and prosperity of our people.

Another party, Pueblo Soberano (PS) is saying that they are in favor of responsible independence. It is a process: that they must first put things in order. Curacao must have a healthy economy.

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