India Cartoonist Aseem Trivedi’s Arrest Sparks Outrage

Aseem Trivedi

Aseem Trivedi appeared in court in Mumbai on Monday September 10th, and was remanded in custody until 24 September for cartoons allegedly mocking the constitution.

Mr Trivedi is also accused of insulting India’s flag. He is demanding the charges against him be dropped.

The cartoonist has been participating in the anti-corruption movement led by campaigner Anna Hazare.

Police detained him over the weekend after receiving a complaint from a Mumbai-based lawyer who said his cartoons were anti-India.

Indians have condemned Mr Trivedi’s arrest, calling it a “wrongful act”.

A former Supreme Court judge, asked how drawing a cartoon could be considered a crime and said politicians should learn to accept criticism.

Aseem Trivedi

A former senior police officer and lawyer said it seems Mr. Trivedi can be booked at the most under a law to prevent insults to national honour and not on serious charges like sedition, which attract much harsher punishment”.

If proved, a sedition charge can bring a three-year prison term in India.

The arrest of Mr. Trivedi comes after other recent cases in which cartoonists have landed in trouble for their work in India.

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