Indian High Commission pledge their support to Dominica

The health and agricultural sectors as well as infrastructural development are just some of the areas of cooperation that the Indian government will be providing assistance to the government of the commonwealth of Dominica.


That’s the announcement coming from the High Commissioner of India, Mr Malay Mishra, who is currently ending his fourth visit to the island.


The high commissioner says while the Indian government is exploring and will be assisting in various sectors, the agricultural sector is a major priority for them.


He told a press conference on Thursday morning, that very soon a new memorandum of understanding will be signed with CARDI, to explore the country’s potential in horticulture.


The high commissioner also announced that a pilot project will soon be carried out in the Castle Bruce area by the Indian government within the next two months.


This project, he believes, will provide additional knowledge and skills to agriculturists in Dominica, thereby increasing productivity on all levels.


Acting Director of Agriculture, Mr Ricky Brumant says the division of agriculture welcomes the assistance from the Indian government.


He believes that such cooperation will provide many benefits for the agricultural sector on the island.

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