Individual stopped by police for rear light malfunction however charged with cannabis possession




A twenty-eight year old man from the community of Fond Cole was fined six hundred dollars after pleading guilty to the charge of possession of cannabis on November 29th 2010, at the Roseau Magistrate’s Court. According to the facts of the matter, Jefferson Ali was riding his motorcycle when he was intercepted by police officers on duty for not having rear lights on the bike. In the police’s effort to inquire about the absence of the lights, they grew suspicious of Ali after inhaling the scent of cannabis. As a result, the officers conducted a search where they found a small amount of cannabis in his possession. When asked about the drug, Ali said that, “a lil cannabis I have to smoke dere.” During his plea in mitigation, he asked the court to be lenient as he has a job, a loan to pay and has not committed any offenses. He added that he is trying very hard to keep on the right track and abide by the laws of the island however, Magistrate Evelina Jno Baptiste cautioned him reminding him of the repercussion of engaging in drug-related activities. The fine is to be paid by January 31st 2011 or in default four months imprisonment.

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