Individuals Charged for Receiving Stolen Goods

court3.jpgIn court today a number of people were charged for receiving stolen goods.

Kesler Alcendor of Tarish Pit pleaded guilty to receiving 16 bottles of Kubuli beers knowing that it was stolen.

The incident took place on November 18th at River Bank. The items belonged to 73 year old Zena Lavanier who had left her house on November 18th to go to church.

When she returned she saw the door to her laundry room was opened and that the 16 bottles of beer were missing from the crate.

She made a report to the police. On November 22nd while investigating a different matter with Charles Francois, he gave information to the effect that he had entered Mrs. Lavanier’s house and taking the beers and giving them to Mr. Alcendor.

The police launched a search for Mr. Alcendor and upon finding him they informed him of the information they received. When asked where the beers were he said that he drank them.

Mr. Alcendor was then arrested.

Magistrate Evelina Baptiste is deeply concerned about these kinds of offenses and as such fined Mr. Alcendor $1400 to be paid by 30th of April 2013, or spend 7 months in prison.

In related news, Nola James Peters of 22 Kings Lane has been charged with receiving stolen items.

In court, it was reported that she had received items including numerous gold jewelry and some spirits amounting to $48 871.

The prosecution objected to bail stating that investigations were still ongoing to recover some of the items and as such they would need more time to carry out investigations.

Bail was denied and the matter is adjourned until the 3rd of June 2013.

Rosa Rodriguez of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic had a sigh of relief after she thought she could easily pay her fine after pleading guilty to buying a stolen bottle of Amareto.

When the sentence was passed down Ms. Rodriguez burst out of the courtroom screaming with gladness, only to be called back to the court to spend some more time in incarceration for disturbing the honourable court.

The defendant had pleaded guilty to purchasing a stolen bottle of Amareto wine on the 21st of November 2012.

The complainant, Wayne Norde and his family, had left their house on that day around 7:20am and left for Roseau.

Upon returning they noticed their house was broken into and the bottle of wine was missing.

They made a report and on the 22nd of November after some investigation, Charles Francois was arrested and taken to the Criminal Investigations Department.

Upon questioning, Mr. Francois admitted to breaking and entering their home and taking the bottle of wine and selling it to Ms. Rodriguez.

Ms. Rodriguez was then arrested.

Today, after her outburst after her sentence she was place in holding for some time for her disregard to the respect for the court room.

She is to pay $1500 by May 31st 2013 or spend 6 months in prison and also pay compensation to the family of $87 by the 31st of December 2012 or spend 1 week in prison.

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