Individuals Injured in Vehicular Accident

Watch-Traffic-CarefullyThe occupants who were travelling in a vehicle were rushed to the Princess Margaret Hospital following a single vehicle accident on Saturday June 22nd.

According to an eyewitness report, the Nissan van registration number PE008, was travelling in a northerly direction at a high rate of speed, when suddenly the driver lost control, colliding with a concrete column near the Roseau Cruise Ship Berth on the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard.

This incident occurred at about 5:20 am.

The eyewitness confirmed that, the vehicle had approximately five passengers during the time of the unfortunate incident.

Although the extent of the injuries are unknown, reports are that some of the occupants were seen bleeding, and the passenger who sat on the left hand side where the van made impact with the pole, was observed to have a hole in his head bleeding profusely.

Upon investigating the severely damaged van, it was discovered that the driver’s head may have been lodged in the wind screen causing it to shatter.

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