Infested Cargo at Deep Water Harbour

Sat Telecoms2013-10-12-08h36m42s192A senior Environmental Health Officer has denied allegations of rodent infestation, on a cargo vessel at the Deep Water Harbour in Fond Cole and says, persons spreading those rumours are being malicious.

This statement came after a report, that white rats and frogs, were discovered in cargo from a ship, carrying equipment for Dominica’s geothermal project.

This has raised the concern of many, as these rodents could pose a threat to Dominicans and our wildlife.

However, Senior Environmental Health Officer, Ms. Tassie Thomas, who was at the scene of the incident, when the report was made to the Environmental Health Department, says the issue is under control.

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The National Pest and Termite, fumigated the palette, where the alleged white rats and frogs were discovered; killing only two frogs.

The cargo hold on the ship, was also fumigated, with a very potent chemical and closed for three hours. That would have destroyed any crawling insects.

The following day, the National Pest and Termite Control was brought in to carry out further treatment, to ensure the situation was contained.

Ms. Thomas feels, this incident was blown completely out of proportion and that there is nothing to panic about.

However, Dominicans remain concern, as there have been conflicting reports from Government officials on the matter.




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