Inspector Claude Weekes has been named as the SAT Telecommunications Ltd most influential person


Inspector Claude Weekes has been named as SAT Telecommunications Ltd most influential person for 2010.


During the month of December 2010, the general public was given an opportunity to vote for one of ten candidates whom they believe was the most influential person of the year on our website at, at the end of which Inspector Claude Weekes amassed the most votes.


He was chosen from a field of ten candidates which included Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, Magistrate Tiyani Behanzin, Mc Carthy Marie, Lennox Linton, Matthius ‘Matt’ Peltier, Father Franklyn Cuffy, Magistrate Gloria Septra Augustus, Nathalie Murphy and Sam Raphael.


Inspector Weekes was presented with a plaque during a short presentation ceremony held at our main office on 20 Bath Road Roseau this morning, upon which he expressed his gratitude to the organization for having recognized his contribution to society.


Apart from performing his normal duties, Inspector Weekes who has been a police officer for approximately 27 years, currently holds the position of Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Police Force and also hosts the ‘On the beat talk show,’ a radio program that has been initiated by the Dominica Police Force with the sole purpose of sensitizing the public on the latest developments within the organization.


Just as he has a passion for his job, so to the flamboyant officer has a passion for evangelism.


Weekes who is always eager to share words of wisdom, life and hope with everyone he comes in contact with, co-hosts ‘Sunday Morning Praises;’ a program that is being aired on Kairi FM Radio every Sunday from 6-10am.


Weekes, who recently completed studies in India in the field of Human Resource Planning and Development and at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus in Jamaica in the field of Public Administration, National Security and Strategic Studies, also works as a part-time lecturer at the University of the West Indies Open Campus Dominica.


Even with a demanding career and social obligations, the charismatic leader spends most of his free time traveling across the island to speak to the youth.


There is absolutely no doubt that he is sincerely concerned about the level of criminal activities among the nation’s youth, not just as a policeman, but as a father, and an evangelist, as he continues to go above and beyond to address the growing problem, noting that it would take a multi-sectoral approach to mitigate the high levels of criminal activities, while imploring parents in particular to get onboard in order to arrest the situation.


Inspector Weekes who came in the ninth position of Cutting Edge Communication’s top ten movers and shakers of 2010 was also named as Dominica’s Source personality of the year.

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