Interact club of st. Martin school awareness walk

The students of The St. Martin Secondary School, who are part of the newly formed. Interact Club, will be undertaking an awareness walk on Saturday March 17th at 6:45am.


In an interview with SAT TV Teacher Miss Jacelyn Labadie, who is the Liaison Officer

of the Interact Club says, the walk is geared at creating international understanding which is one of the objectives of the Interact Club.


The walk which will be done under the theme “Embracing all Cultures through Tolerance, Integration and Acceptance,” will include the students walking from Virgin Lane in Roseau onto Bath Road, across to Cork Street then onto Independence Street.


After Independence Street the students will then proceed to Morne Bruce via Bath Road and Kingshill, where they will stop for a rest and have some snacks while socializing, then return back to the school where they will then be dismissed.


The Interact Club is the junior arm of the Rotary Club, which is a nonprofit service International Organization.


Miss Labadie says this will be the first activity of the club, with many more to follow.

The club currently has 20 members, with the intention of encouraging more students to join in the club to participate in positive activities.


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