International Men’s Day

The Caribbean Male Action Network (CARIMAN) since its establishment has played an avid role in bringing men and organizations together throughout the Caribbean engaged in work with and for men.

Sat Telecoms2013-11-19-18h44m47s144On November 19th, CARIMAN joined Dominicans in the observance of International Men’s Day (IMD), focusing mainly on the role men play in the lives of their children, significantly boys.

Lead by the theme, ‘Keeping Men and Boys Safe’, International Men’s Day aims to provide the opportunity to raise the profile of men and boys, to place greater emphasis on the positive contribution as co-partners in shaping family, society and country.

Mr. Joseph, a representative of the AGANAR Programme highlighted a few of the issues that will be addressed throughout the week.

These include; negative impacts of drugs on relationships, boys health, general behaviour and boys involvement in sports, the negative impact of bullying, respect for self and others and responsibility and accountability in what you do and say.



President of CARIMAN Mr. Thomas Holmes

President of CARIMAN Mr. Thomas Holmes

said as part of the activities carded to commemorate IMD, a visit to the St. Mary’s Primary School was organized.

Mr. Holmes emphasized on the four main areas that CARIMAN intends to concentrate on throughout this week’s activities including; keeping men and boys safe by tackling suicide, tolerance and violence against men and boys, boosting men’s life expectancy as well as promoting fathers and male role models.

He is urging Dominicans to look up to the positive role models that are in society as these are the men who contribute positively in various aspects of life.

International Men’s Day started in Trinidad on November 19th 1999.

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