International Men’s Day

As part of International Men’s Day, CARIMAN (Caribbean Action Male Network) held a “boys talk” forum and is hosting activities all throughout the week.

President of CARIMAN, Mr. Thomas Holmes

President of CARIMAN Mr. Thomas Holmes says, they are partnering with the Bureau of Gender Affairs and in observance of this, Bureau of Gender Affairs is hosting a few activities by working with them.

Mr. Holmes believes that it is essential for the young men to witness what is being done as an organization as well as listening to the issues that are shared.

He said the youth are faced with many social issues therefore, they ensure that the right practices are stated and demonstrated to the boys at forums such as these.

The President said that the participation was great. They started off with a “bridge in the gap” session which relates to the current generation.

Participants at the forum

Mr. Holmes added that this week is also being observed as boy’s awareness week which is being promoted by the Ministry of Education.

CARIMAN is an organization which caters to men and helps them to realize how important their role is in society as well as the positive impact they can create.

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