International Nurses Day

nurses-day.jpgThe Dominica Nurses Association will be hosting a number of activities, which will lead up to their International Nurses Day which will be celebrated on May 12th, which began with a church service at the Deliverance Baptist Church on May 1st.

Principal Nursing Officer Ms. Caesarina Ferrol says when the idea came up to celebrate the achievements of nurses, the month of May was the best option since it coincides, with their International Nurses Day.

Ms. Ferrol stated that nurses are always faced with challenges, on a day to day basis while carrying out their duties, and are still able to serve the public to the best of their abilities, which they must be commended for.

Dean in the Faculty of Health Sciences and President of the Dominica Nurses Association Ms. Julie Blaize says, as part of the celebrations a public forum is being planned, so that the public can interact with nurses so they can ask questions they need answers for and concerns addressed.

She said this is important so that, the quality of health care the public receives will be improved so the public will always be the satisfied customers.

Ms. Blaize also pointed out that International Nurses Day has been celebrated since 1965, however on January 1974 a decision was made to celebrate it in during the month of May.

She went on to say they intend on releasing a video showcasing their work, which will be done in the activities leading up to the International Nurses Day celebrations.

Ms. Florestine Lewis who is the Community Health Nurse in Region One, which comprises of the Grand Bay, Roseau and St. Joseph Health Districts says, she is looking forward to this month of activities which is very important to highlight the hard work that the nurses are doing and continues to do.

Some of the others activities which are planned are; radio addresses by the Minister of Health, and President of the Dominica Nursing Association, amongst others.

There will also be panel discussions, a tea party for retired nurses, symposiums, and nurses appreciation day amongst other activities.

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