Internet Exchange Point (IXP) Launched in Dominica

Internet Exchange Point (IXP) Launch

Internet Exchange Point (IXP) Launch

Dominica can finally say it has crossed a milestone and have definitely progressed to the next level in terms of technology.

Last night the long awaited Internet Exchange Point (IXP) programme was launched at the Fort young Hotel. Representatives of internet service providers, such as SAT Telecommunications, LIME, Marpin 2k4 and the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) were in attendance.

IXP is managed by the nonprofit organization, Dominica National Internet Exchange Point (DANIX), which is made up of four establishments, which are Marpin 2K4, LIME, SAT Telecommunications and the NTRC.

Mr. Craig Nesty, Executive Director of the NTRC educated the public as to what the IXP is.

Mr. Bevil Wooding, a Consultant for Caribbean Telecommunications Union, commended Dominica for making this venture a reality.

Mr. wooding gave a more physical understanding in the form of a diagram on how the IXP programme operates.

Mr. Wooding said the presence of a domestic IXP enhances a country’s ability to build a robust domestic internet eco system and economy.

He stated he feels that the opportunity is here to establish from Dominica, patterns that can be used throughout the Caribbean Region.

Crowd at Internet Exchange Point (IXP) Launching.

Crowd at Internet Exchange Point (IXP) Launching.

We are not just launching a switch, but the establishment of a foundation, said Mr. Wooding.

Head of Service Support Delivery at LIME, Mr. Dudley Guye emphasized in his presentation, that in order to reap maximum benefits we need to focus on further development of local content.

Mr. Guye gave recognition to DANIX and NTRC for THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE IXP.

A representative from Marpin 2K4, Mr. Peter Bannis, said that we can now say we are not connected to the internet, but a part of it.

Managing Director of SAT Telecoms, Mr. Marlon Alexander said that, it has been three months since the SAT and LIME has been interconnected on the IXP and started passing traffic.

Managing Director of SAT Telecoms, Mr. Marlon Alexander

Managing Director of SAT Telecoms, Mr. Marlon Alexander

He stated, normally this traffic would have normally travelled via the United States and back to Dominica, he was proud to say, that today all local traffic remains within our network.

The General Manager of SAT Telecoms said the IXP will be an asset to all Telecoms providers, business partners and the public. He says it will also provide opportunities for small businesses in many avenues namely hosting servers.

Mr. Ambrose George, Minister of Information, Telecommunications and Constituency Empowerment says this launching has been a truly fine start, but the journey has just begun.

He says he is elated because his Ministry has crafted a development approach through the constructive engagement of all key stake holders in Telecommunications and ICT initiatives.


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