Interview on Early Childhood Education

youth_development.jpgDuring the period of April 23rd to April 27th 2012, the JinJia Preschool will be partnering with Education International through the Dominica Association of Teachers, to highlight the importance of Early Childhood Education.


A week of activities have been organised to include parents , children and the community.


The opening service will be held at the Fatima Church in Newton on Monday April 23rd from 9am followed by, a Rally and Drive Thru which begins at the school at 9am on Wednesday April 25th.


Mr. Caprice PRO of the Jinjia Preschool says both the children and the parents will work on a project and have it displayed together.


He believes that it is important that the parents take a key interest in their children’s education.


In addition, he mentioned that an adoption programme will take place. He says the older children from other schools will be responsible for the Preschoolers for the day, and will teach them how to read and write.

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