Interview with Chief Fire Officer

fire truck2.jpgConcerns relating to the new and improved roads are rising within the Dominican population. According to Chief Fire officer Mr. Josiah Dupuis, there has been a major increase in accidents since the new roads have been built.


Mr. Dupuis believes that drivers are not familiarised with the current smooth surfaces and as a result, they are using this as a reason to speed.


In addition, he says the Fire Department has asked road users to be as careful as possible and to make necessary adjustments to secure their lives as well as others.


Mr. Dupuis states that poor engineering and construction is not an excuse for the sudden increase in accidents and it is simply because of the improved surfaces.


He mentioned that accidents are occurring in particular places that it never had before and the thought of this is incredibly alarming.


Mr. Dupuis says the trends so far are very disturbing in terms of the type of incidents and injuries manifesting from those involved in vehicular accidents.

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