Interview with Digital Vybez


digitalvybez.jpgBand Manager Alvin Alexander says that the Yellow Festival is the brainchild of and hosted by Digital Vybez who saw the need for a village festival to put their home village Petite Savanne on the Map.

The festival has a dual purpose as it serves as a village feast and also a stage for aspiring artist in Dominica.

In addition the festival provides young artists the opportunity to perform on stage and has featured bands such as Xcess Groove from Morne Prosper and the RMC band from Goodwill.

Arad Moses the beat producer and secretary of Digital Vybez, encourages young people to be motivated despite the challenges faced or the seemingly impossibility of their dreams.

The band members all between the ages of 18 and 27 began their musical careers in church before trying out new genres such as Reggae and Soca till they founded their own original music.

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