Interview with Jeffery Joseph

One young man has proved that any dedicated athlete can make it to any level as long as he commits.

Current basketball player of the Dominican National Team Mr. Jeffery Joseph is the first Dominican to make it to the Basketball Hall of Fame and he says he is extremely proud of his accomplishments.

Mr. Joseph studied at the University of Maine at Presque Isle for 4 years, and he received honors such as; Athlete of the year award and most valuable player award in September 13th 2008.

In addition, he says the transformation in terms of weather from Dominica to the USA was intricate therefore, he had to adjust quickly.

Mr. Joseph states that there are a few main steps needed to attain his achievements.

He says the individual necessitates focus, as well as being determined and respectful.

He believes knowing how to accommodate to different areas and adapt is vital.

Mr. Joseph says he is talented in other sports and he is willing to train any one interested in moving forward.

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