Interview with Lennox Linton on French TV Station

Following the Opposition, United Workers Party 21 in 25 days campaign, members of the Party had subsequently planned a tour that would take them around the World.

lennox-lintonMembers including; Mr. Lennox Linton, Mr. Hector John, Dr. Thomson Fontaine, Mr. Ron Green and Mr. Joshua Francis, began their journey with a 7 city tour in the United States, followed by a visit to London, Europe and Paris.

One of the more memorable interviews was that of Mr. Lennox Linton, when he made an appearance on French TV Station, Le Grande Oral in Paris.

There Mr. Linton spoke of the grappling issues affecting Dominica and its lack of growth in the various sectors.

The host, Dominican born Mr. Gordon Henderson, suppressed his dismay, when the issues of distribution of illegal passports, ‘prostitution’ of diplomacy and immunity of ‘crooks and criminals’, as Mr. Linton suggested, came up.footage (3)

Mr. Linton also brought forth the issue of growth in the economy or moreover the lack of it.

The Party had explained that the main purpose of the tour was to bring the vision of the UWP to the Dominicans living in the diaspora.

It has been reported that their next tour will target the Northern part of the Caribbean.

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