Investigation Launched Into Burnt Boat on Coast Guard Base


Police Chief, Daniel Carbon

An incident where a speed boat, seized by the police for alleged drug tracking was burnt on the Coast Guard Base in Fondcole, is now under investigation by Police Chief, Daniel Carbon.

The boat in question is 26 feet long with the name ‘Bowdel’ powered by twin 200 horse power Yamaha engines captured during an anti-drug operation in Stowe, a community south of the Island.

Three individuals were arrested, while a van and 1400 pounds estimated at a street value of $1.427 million dollars were seized.

Mr. Carbon noted he is not pleased with this incident, and as a result has launched an investigation on two fronts.

One is from a disciplinary perspective, to find out who may be responsible for negligence of duty, and the second is a criminal investigation, as to who the perpetrator was.

He said the Chief must take action and he must take swift action.

This incident comes after, Shan Pierre and Jerry Henry of Grand Bay as well as Prosper Durand of Good Hope who resides at Stockfarm, were jointly charged with possession of cannabis, possession with intent to supply cannabis and the importation of 1400 pounds of cannabis.

Prosper Durand was charged separately with offloading goods from a vessel in a location other than a customs examination area and failure to give customs notice of arrival.

Burnt Boat on Coast Guard Base

Burnt Boat on Coast Guard Base

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