IRC Electrical Seminar

Electricians and electrical contractors were all present at the Fort Young Hotel, on Wednesday August 1st for a seminar aimed at Electricians and electrical contractors.

The event which was organized as part of the Independent Regulatory Commission’s 5th anniversary celebrations, discussed topics such as, aims to develop national standards for electrical systems, equipment and facilities with reference to international standard, and guidelines and procedures.

Regulations Manager of the IRC, Mr. Francis Paul says this workshop is very important to ensure the safety of the public, because if electrical installations are not done accurately, it could result in electrical fires, which in turn results to loss of life and property.

During certification and licensing, the IRC will require persons that certify licensing initial installation to be tested by the inspectors.

However every five years, a homeowner will be able to get a licensed person to inspect their home’s electrical wiring, to ensure that it is in order, since over a period of time wiring can deteriorate, especially those exposed to the elements.

He said this will be done as the IRC is working close with the Electrical Division to develop a memorandum of understanding, so the Electrical Division will do the work the IRC is mandated to do.

The Regulations Manager pointed out that the seminar will address any knowledge gaps present by electricians, so they are fully knowledgeable of their profession.

It also seeks to sensitize all those involved in the electrical industry, on the upcoming regulations, licensing and certification process.

He added that they are working to have this regulation process started by the end of this year, but it has to be approved by the appropriate minister, before they can continue the process.


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