IRC Hosts Press Conference on DOMLEC’S Licence Negotiation

IRC Executive Director, Mr. Lance McCaskey

In October 2012, the IRC entered into discussions with DOMLEC to negotiate for a new licence to generate, transmit, distribute and supply electricity in Dominica.

DOMLEC’S current licence expires on December 31st 2015, and according to the electricity supply act and the present licence procedure, DOMLEC was required to make an application for a new licence.

IRC Executive Director Mr. Lance McCaskey says there are two licences involved in this negotiation.

Mr. McCaskey noted that they had their first face to face meeting with DOMLEC in October, where they dealt with house-clearing matters.

He says DOMLEC told them that they wanted an integrated licence which was contrary to the letter that they had sent.

He added that the last paragraph of the letter advised them that the Commission is prepared to issue two licences.

In the letter, it also stated that between the two licences, one will be for generation and the other for transmission, distribution and supply.

Mr. McCaskey says due to DOMLEC’s new facilities, they are prepared to offer them a licence for 50 years.

He says once IRC and DOMLEC come to an understanding, the documents will be sent to the stakeholders.



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