Irie Eco summer program comes to a close.



35 students of the Irie Eco summer program said their final farewells to their friends and camp councilors yesterday August 12th at Alliance Française when the program came to a close. One of the members of the Irie Eco summer program highlighted some of the main activities which complimented the program.


“We did a summer program for 5 weeks, we had an out door program and went out three days in the week. Today, we went whale watching and on other days we went to the beach. We do activities together such as sports, acrobatics and plenty nice things,” said the organizer.


She also encouraged parents to make Irie Eco their first choice when selecting summer programs for their children.


She said,” We have lots of fun and its nice. Our name is Irie Eco and we try to be conscious about nature and respect it. That’s the message that we try to get across.”


Several elated students of the summer program expressed gratitude to the organizers for hosting what they described as an educational, yet exciting activity.



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