Irish Kid Wins 2014 Junior Monarch Calypso Show

Winner of Junior Calypso Monarch 2014, Lemar 'Irish Kid' Irish

Winner of Junior Calypso Monarch 2014, Lemar ‘Irish Kid’ Irish

13 year old Lemar ‘Irish Kid’ Irish showed what true perseverance is about, when he finally won the 2014 Junior Monarch Calypso Show in his fourth year of participation in the competition.

Irish a student of the St. John’s Academy in Portsmouth defeated thirteen other competitors with his song entitled ‘I Choosing Calypso’ at the Harlem Plaza in Newtown on Thursday, February 20, 2014.

The 2013 Junior Calypso Monarch winner, Nacheal Walsh was unable to participate as she reached age 16 the limit of the competition.

Janae Jackson of the Convent High School placed 1st runner up with ‘Convent Rules’.


Winner and runners up of 2014 Junior Calypso Monarch

Daniel ‘De Ali’ Shillingford of the Convent Preparatory School with ‘Stand Tall’ placed second and Nia ‘Nicker’ Burnette of the Wesley High School placed third with ‘Voice of the Youth’.

They were judged based on lyrics (35 points), melody (35 points), rendition (20 points) and presentation (10 points).

The other participants were Mighty Keke and Keisha of the St Martin Secondary School, Messenja of the Convent High School, DJ Mya of the Convent Preparatory School, The X Factor and De Rocket of the St Mary’s Primary.

Dr. Chucky of the Community High School, Singing Chrissy of the Dominica Grammar School and Princess Chels of the Northeast Comprehensive School were also participants.

The event is organized annually by the LEO Club of Dominica.

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