Is Dominica still the Dive Destination of the Caribbean?

dive_wallWhat is “really” happening to our coral reefs in the region?

These are some of the issues concerning Head of the OECS Economic Affairs Division and Senior Director at the OECS Secretariat, Mr. Randolph Cato.

Mr. Cato addressed Tuesday night’s opening ceremony of the third OECS seminar on climate change, to review the OECS rally and response to the threatening impact of climate change on life, living and property in the OECS, held in St. Lucia.

According to Senior Director, as small Island states, we face many challenges rising from small size geographical location, small economies, limited infrastructure and many others.

“The impacts on small Island States have been explored by many scientists. It is expected that sea level rise will lead to greater coastal flooding and damage to infrastructure.” he stated.

Mr. Cato said once upon a time, vehicles drove near crystal clear white sanded beaches in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and now, individuals comment that there isn’t any difference between the land and the sea.

He said although it is not something that is expected to happen, it is something which occurs frequently throughout the OECS.

“Besides the impact on the coastal areas, there is in fact the issue of more frequent and extreme issues,” he noted.

Mr. Cato says it is a double hit for us in the OECS.

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