Isaiah Thomas Secondary School Closing Ceremony

Thirty students from the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School have been training from January 17th to March 21st 2012, to take up the role as a peer counselor of their school.

To applaud the students, the school held a closing ceremony where the students received their certificate of appreciation, badges and IDS.

Principal of the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School Mr. Jerome Bardouille says, teachers can get incredibly occupied from time to time, and may need assistance.

Mr. Bardouille believes young people interact with their peers better and he is convinced that this will benefit the school.

Guidance Counselor Mr. Thomas Homes says, the selected students all have the potential to help their classmates and schoolmates.

In addition, Mr. Homes says the students are constantly reminded of the motto “Listening to help others cope with their situation”

Organizer of the event, Mrs. Revillia Vidal has been encouraging the students all through their training and she feels they are ready to take up their role and responsibility as a peer counselor of the school.

Furthermore, she says the teachers are involved and they are here to guide the other peer counselors.

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