Isaiah Thomas Secondary School Stages Anti-Bullying Rally

Anti-Bullying Poster Of An ITSS Student

In observing October as anti-bullying month, students and teachers of the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School (ITSS), held a rally on Wednesday October 24th.

The students, who marched from the school compound to the St. Joseph playing field, were joined by other students from the St. Joseph Junior and Seven Day Adventist School along the way, all in the effort to sensitize the public on why bullying should not be tolerated.

Principal of ITSS Mr. Jerome Bardouille pointed out that everyone has a right to an education; therefore schools should be safe places where learning can occur without unnecessary distractions.

Mr. Bardouille says parents, educators, students and the wider society all need to work together to promote a positive environment in schools, to foster successful young people and ethical students.

Students At Anti-Bullying Rally

He added we need to send a strong warning that bullying is unacceptable and must be eradicated.

School Counsellor Mrs. Revillia Vidal, who is the coordinator of the anti-bullying campaign, says, this message against bullying needs to be sent out as it is real and something needs to be done about it.

Mrs. Vidal pointed out bullying does not always start at the secondary schools, as from her experience she has counseled students who said they were bullied in primary schools.

It is her hope that the message will get out to the public domain so all the culprits of bullying will refrain from this negative practice.

Parliamentary Representative of the Salisbury Constituency Honourable Hector John, added that he thinks this rally was a great idea, since this is a growing problem that needs to be eradicated from schools.

He said this requires a team effort to ensure students can learn in a safe environment and will not be threatened by bullying.

ITSS Students At Anti-Bullying Campaign

Mr. John says that other schools should stage such rallies against bullying as the problem is not isolated to the ITSS but others schools island-wide.

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