ITSS to Host Consultation on Sexual Abuse

stop violenceDue to the number of reported cases of sexual abuse at the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School, a forum has been organized by the members of the Pastoral care team, which is geared at educating students and parents on child abuse and more significantly sexual abuse.

The Consultation is set to take place on Monday 29th April, at the School, with an aim to reach out to other schools including the general public to join in this quest to alleviate the abuse of children.

Ms. Jno- Baptiste encouraged parents to listen to their children as it will help them to be knowledgeable.

These are some of the accomplishments that the group would like to gain from this forum.

Although Ms. Jno- Baptiste is of the view that child abuse cannot be completely nonexistent, efforts to decrease the act is possible.

In today’s society a lot of sexual abuse cases are not reported because individuals are afraid to come forward.

Voices are now encouraging these persons to speak out.

Many guest speakers will be expected to address this forum.

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