Jackey Lando Appears Before Magistrate for Possession of Cannabis.



20 year old Jackey Lando of Newtown appeared before Magistrate Ossie Lewis for possession of cannabis.

He pleaded guilty to possession of the said cannabis.

The incident took place on the 7th of January 2013 at Lalay Coco, Loubiere at about 12:10pm, when police received information of a bus, registration # HA392, that was in the said area. The police went there and searched the bus and found Lando with the alleged cannabis in his possession, 5 grams to be exact.

He was informed by the police that it was an offense to have the drug in his possession. The substance was tested and proved to be cannabis.

Because of his previous offenses, Magistrate Lewis fined Lando $300 to be paid by March 31st, 2013 or spend 21 days in prison.

French national, Bernard Antoine Caloras of Martinique pleaded guilty of possession of cannabis.

The incident occurred on Saturday January 5th at the Ferry Terminal in Roseau.

The police responded to a call from the terminal, and upon arrival they met with the security officer there who informed the police that they had found 1 gram of alleged cannabis on Caloras.

When asked about it, Caloras responded in creole saying, “Officer, I don’t eat meat, I use weed to develop my body.” He was arrested and taken to the Police Headquarters.

In his defense, Caloras said that he knows that Dominica is strict on herb and that he is not a rich man. He said he only has 50 euros in his possession and he just wants to take the boat and go home.

He also mentioned that he was very sorry for what he did.

The interpreter, Mr. J Grimner was prepared to waive his fee as the interpreter to the court.

Magistrate Lewis gave Caloras a suspended sentence. He was fined $100 on suspension, that if he offends again in Dominica during a 1 year period, he would have to pay the fine.

The court gave Caloras back his $50 Euros.

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