Janet Azzouze Launches New Album


Ms. Jannet Azzoue, Local Artiste

The first lady to ever sing Candence Lypso, Ms. Jannet Azzoue, officially launched her new album on Monday 16th.

Mr. Wadix Charles, who has reviewed to the entire album, says it is something that Dominicans can appreciate, because it has elevated the music from Cadence to an entire different complex.

He added that it is a historical album, where various genres produced in Dominica, can be advertised regionally and internationally.

Ms. Azzouze, strongly commended Mr. Charles for pushing her into having this press conference, as well as continuing to promote Dominica’s local music.

According to the singer, our music here in Dominica is reaching out to other countries and showcasing our many talented artistes.

“The music of a country tells the world about the people,” she stated.

Her album includes European elements which she says will be easier for DJs to play in clubs.

Her producer, Mr. Christian Lawrence, said it is very important that other producers understand the music industry and study the market.

Local artistes need to be more professional,” he said.

He used local artiste ‘Rah’ as an example, noting, that when he introduced Boyoun music, his storylines were well complied.

Congratulations to Ms. Azzouze.

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