January is Drug Awareness Month

drug_awarenessFor a second year in a row, Drug Awareness Month is being hosted under the theme, “My Community, My Choice, No Drugs”.

Drug Awareness Month has been around for over 10 years and is hosted in January.

It is a way of heightening the public’s awareness of the drugs being used in society and how to safeguard one’s self from the dangers.

Director of the National Drug Abuse Prevention Unit, Ms. Jacinta Bannis, says the theme is very true of our society, since a lot of the drugs being abused are done by groups of people most time.


Director of the National Drug Abuse Prevention Unit, Ms. Jacinta Bannis

The activities for the month began with the Minister’s Message which was aired via radio, on January 2nd.

Next week the Ministry will present a booth on the ground floor of the Government Headquarters.

Ms. Bannis is urging parents to come and receive information for their children with regards to school projects like School Based Assessments.

The Ministry will also be starting a Parenting Program in San Sauveur in collaboration with the San Sauveur Primary School and the East Dominica Children’s Federation.

They have been working with the Health Promotion Unit and the Drug Squad to release two drug exhibitions.

One will be held at the Dominica State College and the other in the village of Marigot.

The Director says there will also be a Candle Light Vigil in Coulibistrie on the 27th of January.

As part of the celebrations there will also be a launching of a drug manual for preschoolers and Grade K students.




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