Jazz n’ Creole festival

jazz-festival.jpgLocals, Foreigners and Ross University Students gathered at the Cabrits Resort on Sunday May 27th to witness superb jazz music from artists such as “Breve” and “Fixtroy Williams” at the Jazz n’ Creole music festival.


The festival took off with the first performance from the band “Breve” where lead singer Ms. Leanne Letang from the village of Goodwill blew the crowd away with her breath-taking vocals.


The public appeared to be in-tune with Ms. Letang’s music and was not afraid to let it be known.


Breve was not the only band that made a memorable impact as “Fixtroy Williams” came onto the stage.


The band performed 4 songs; however the last two caused an exhilarating reaction when the band made a tribute to the late Jeff Joe.


The festival gave Ministers and Directors such as the Honourable Ian Douglas and Director of Tourism Mr. Collin Pieper the opportunity to socialise at this fulfilling event.


Locals stated that the festival was a “money well spent” event and they also look forward to the next one.

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