Jeanne Royer and Arlene John are the winners of 2010/2010 census slogan and logo competition


Jeanne Royer and Arlene John; the winners of the 2010 census slogan and logo competition were recognized by the Central Statistics Office in the Ministry of Finance at the official launching ceremony of 2010/2011 Population and Housing Census slogan and logo at the Fort Young Hotel on October 20th 2010, in observance of World Statistics Day.


Mrs Prayma Carrette, Chief Statistician and Census Officer commended all the participants for showcasing their skills, innovation, intuition and artistry in the census slogan and logo competition.


“The census slogan is a motto or phase that intends to advertise the census and catch the interest of all individuals with the goal of full participation in the terms of responding during census enumeration and the logo is a graphic design used to assist and promote public recognition of all aspects of the census,” said Mrs Prayma Carrette.


The Central Statistics Office is currently continuing preparations for the 2011 Population and Housing Census with the introduction of Geographical Positioning Systems (GPS) and fully digitized Geographical Information System (GIS) technological applications which have proven to be effective and efficient in mapping the entire island before the actual census enumeration from March to April 2011.

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