Jeff Joe Remembered at Night One of the World Creole Music Festival

Asa Banton Singing During His Tribute To Jeff Joe

On Friday October 26th, the World Creole Music Festival was truly a night to remember, as it was dedicated to the memory of the late Cadence Legend Jeff Joseph.

The night featured a number of artistes from various genres of music such as; Thierry Martley, Asa Banton, Zouk All Stars, and Stephane Ravor.

Other performances came from musicians such as Luc Leandry, Zouk Machine, Disip Gazzman, Tanya St. Val, and the WCK Band.

Haitian Musician Disip Gazzman who came on stage with a t-shirt in tribute to Jeff Joe, in addition to singing some of his songs, says that Jeff Joe was his icon which he derives a lot of inspiration from throughout his musical career.

Gazzman added that Jeff’s music has helped to bring people from Haiti, Martinique and Guadeloupe together in addition to other countries.

Disip Gazzman

Disip Gazzman did well for the crowd as he kept them dancing to a mixture of Zouk, Cadence and Compas music.
The band performed both on Friday and Saturday night.

The night switched to Boyoun when Grand Bay resident Asa Banton, took the stage performing a number of his popular songs, which kept the crowd’s vocal chords in overdrive, singing along to each of his songs.

One of the highlights of his performance was singing a song he wrote in tribute to the memory of the late Jeff Joe, which touched many patrons heart as Asa sang it so passionately.

Coming from such a strong performance, Asa said that he loved the energy of the crowd which motivated him throughout the performance.

Zouk fans were well entertained, as they were blessed with not one but two amazing performances from two well-known voices in the form of Tanya Saint Val and Zouk Machine.

King Dice On Stage At The Festival

Ms. St Val said she loves performing at the World Creole Music Festival which is a good way for uniting the Caribbean, and more festivals like this one should be done.

She also reminisced on some of her past memories of Jeff Joe which contributed to her music career.

She said Jeff was unique as he created a new style of music which is native to Dominica, and this is an icon that we can and should never forget.

She gets her inspiration for writing songs on everyday life experiences, where there is a never ending supply of situations.

After 26 years with Zouk Machine she is currently working on her solo album.

Some other performers for the night were Luc Leandry and Stephane Ravor who kept the crowd dancing and singing along.

WCK Performing With Claudette Peters

Switching back to the Boyoun genre, the Pioneers of Boyoun music the Big Bad WCK Band, gave the crowd a performance they would never forget, including King Dice and Claudette Peters, as they brought Friday night’s event to a close at 6:30 am on Saturday.

The WCK fans were certainly not disappointed as the band displayed their versatility performing a number of their old and new school songs like Hold Dem, We Don’t Want No Tie, and I In Dat.

Fans of the band just could not get enough even after their performance came to an end.

Large Crowd Enjoying WCK’s Performance


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