Jeffrey Leatham and Irving Elizee Both Arrested

court3.jpgTwo men, who let their anger get the better of them when they fought on a public road, will have to wait for their trial to begin on Monday August 26th 2013,

43 year old Jeffrey Leatham and 37 year old Irving Elizee, both of Grand Coulibrie, Grand Bay were both arrested, following a fight they engaged in on the Grand Coulibrie public road in Grand Bay on Sunday April 7th.

They were jointly charged with wounding which they both pled guilty, however the duo pled not guilty to the charge of disorderly conduct.

The men appeared before Magistrate Evelina Baptiste.

In more court news;

St. Joseph resident Shane Shipley, who pled guilty to possession of cannabis when he appeared before Magistrate Candia George on Tuesday April 9th was fined $500.

He was caught with the illegal substance on Monday April 8th in Woodridge Bay, Fond Cole and was arrested

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