Jemma Joseph copped the Iron Chef Title 2013


Jemma Joseph

Among five competitors at the Iron Chef Competition 2013, which took place on Thursday July 11th at the Anchorage Hotel, Jemma Joseph emerged winner.

Ms. Joseph, who hails from the community of Woodfordhill, is currently a chef at the Secret Bay Resort, where her fine cuisine exceeds the expectations of all who experience her specialties.

According to the Iron Chef, her passion for cooking started at the tender age of 11, when she cooked various meals for her extended family.

The chefs created 1 main course and starter using the theme item, the Lionfish. All of the ingredients and utensils were provided for them.

The Competition is on its second year and forms part of Dive Fest’s 20th anniversary.

The judging criteria for the Iron Chef competition were:

1. Presentation of Chef

2. Skill & Efficiency

3. Flare and Showmanship

4. Choice/diversity of dishes

5. Creativity, artistry and extent of use of the ingredients

6. Presentation of dishes

7. Taste of dishes

The Chefs had 30 minutes on Center-Stage to produce a starter and a main course.

Other Participants were Garfield Jones, Jay Dutch and Kenny Douglas.

Last year Jessica Pinard-Byrne Yard, food enthusiast and entrepreneur, won the title.

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