Jerry Brisbane launches a series of campaign action against the construction of a $ 27 Million State


Local Businessman Jerry Brisbane has launched the first of what is expected to be a series of campaign action, under the caption of Citizens Awareness Program (CAP), in an attempt to restore accountability, transparency, good governance and the rule of law in Dominica.


Brisbane says the campaign is themed “What a waste – $27 Million State Palace a.k.a State Malice” since it is indeed a great waste and malice, that the government which claims to be so caring and interested in the welfare of the citizens, especially the poor, decides to borrow $27 Million from the People’s Republic of China, thereby placing tax payers and citizens under further financial burden at a time when the country is grappling with the effects of the global financial crisis.


While addressing the media at the press launch held in the board room of O.D Brisbane and Sons Dominica, Brisbane said that it is important to emphasize to citizens that the $27 Million is in fact a loan and not a grant.


He says it is rather unfortunate that to date, the public is totally unaware of the terms and conditions of the loan with regards to the repayment period, interest rates etc.


He says based on the information that he has received he believes that the project will cost in excess of $30 Million.

Brisbane is of the view that the government should have sought some other alternative in obtaining the funds that are required for the project.


CAP is a by-product of Refinery Awareness Program (RAP), which was established four years ago to speak against the government’s decision to construct an oil refinery in Dominica.

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