Jinja Preschool Early Childhood Education week


As part of celebrating Early Childhood Education week the Jinjah Pre-school held an exhibition, which showcased work of the parents, teachers and students of the school.

The work was done within a three week period, where the teachers and parents worked with the children to develop creative pieces for the exhibition.

Some of the pieces crafted were dolls, paintings and pencil holders amongst others, all done to highlight the importance of Early Childhood Education.

Public Relations Officer of the Jinjah Pre-school Mr. Augustus Carprice says the parents, teachers and students all put a lot of effort and hard work into put on the exhibition.

Mr. Carprice says now the hard work has been done, the public can have a look to see the creativity the students possess with the guidance of their teachers and parents.

He went on to say that the exhibition was a true show of cooperation as the parents, teachers and students all worked together.
A mini rally and drive thru was also held with the students, teachers and parents of the school.

President of the Dominica Association of Teachers (DAT) Mrs. Celia Nicholas says, every year the DAT tries to obtain funds for teachers involved in the pre-school programme.

Mrs. Nicholas believes the Government needs to be aware of the importance of an early childhood education.

Education Officer of the Early Childhood Programme Mrs. Veda George says, in September the Early Childhood Education organization is hoping to give 20% of the children who are not able to attend Preschool the opportunity to.

In addition, she believes the actions parents and teachers take with the children at this stage will determine who they will be at Primary School and as well as other points in their education.

She says we all need to get it right at the start rather than fixing it when they are older

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