Joseph Oliver fined $3000

court3.jpgPointe Michel residents Kethlynn Polidore and Oliver Joseph were both charged with possession of cannabis and possession of cannabis with intent to supply on August 27th.

On Monday 27th around 5:00, Officer Walters was on duty and received information regarding the defendants and a warrant was put in place to search the premises.

When the officer arrived at the property, he recognized Mr. Joseph on the porch where he was informed of the officer’s mission.

During the search, a blue bag was found (which was presented at the court room) containing 2 clear plastic bags filled with cannabis.

When Joseph was asked about this matter he replied ‘officer that is a splif and I am a smoker. That is to smoke.”

Within the search, another bag containing cannabis was found on the couch and Joseph replied, “I told u, I am a smoker, and that is another joint.”

The defendant was then arrested.

His Lawyer Mr. Joshua Francis stated that the magistrate should be lenient towards his client and this is an unfortunate circumstance.

Francis mentioned that the defendant was raised by both of his parents and since he father passed away over a decade ago he has made some stupid decisions.

Also, he lives with his girlfriend, Ms. Polidore, has 3 children with her and the youngest is suppose to be christened in a few weeks.

Mr. Francis stated that his client has good intentions and is supposed to be getting married soon.

He went into further details stating the roles that the defendant plays such as, providing for his girlfriend and children, his mother and grandmother who is currently not so well.

Joseph is currently unemployed; however he has skills so he sometimes gets a painting and electronics job on the side to provide for his family.

Lastly, he stated that this is not a serious offense because no victims were present and he should not be charged with intent to supply because he was only found with 23grams of cannabis when the basic rate recognized as intent to supply is 15grams.

Magistrate Evelina Baptiste says it is obvious the defendant has not learnt his lesson based on the comments made when he was confronted but the Police Officer.

Joseph was fined $2000 for the possession of cannabis with intent to supply to be paid by January 31st 2013 or 7months imprisonment and $1000 to be paid on the same date for possession of cannabis or 5months inpriosnment,

The girlfriend’s charges were all dropped due to lack of evidence.

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