Joseph Thomas Umpires at the Windward Island Cricket Tournament for the First Time

Mr. Joseph Thomas

For the first time, cricket commentator Joseph Thomas umpires a regional cricket tournament.

On Wednesday December 5th, he was an umpire for the match between Dominica and St. Lucia, as part of the Windward Islands Cricket Tournament.

Mr. Thomas says his work as an umpire involves a lot of preparation way before the game can actually begin.

Mr. Thomas has been a cricket commentator for many years and he is very excited to officiate his first of such tournaments.

He has always loved sports, especially cricket, and he hopes to continue being a part of it for many years to come.

On Wednesday December 5th, SAT News was there with Mr. Thomas to have a better feel for his role at the match.

He gave his command to the other people involved in preparing the field.

We also say the two teams, Dominica and St. Lucia, warming up for the match.

Mr. Thomas is not new to umpiring, but just wanted to put his “best foot forward” and represent other umpires.


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