Josephine Gabriel donates uniforms to Combine Taxi Association

Sat Telecoms2013-10-03-17h01m56s94220 taxi drivers from the Combine Taxi Association, will be cordially dressed, when the 2013/2014 cruise ship season opens later this month.

This was made possible, when Josephine Gabriel and Company Limited partnered with the Association, in sponsoring its members with uniforms.

320 t-shirts branded with the Trois Piton and the Coca Cola logo, was donated at the cost of $10,000.

President of the Combine Taxi Association, Mr. Kelly Williams, explaine, this partnership was made possible after much discussion with a number of private organizations.

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“We wanted to promote a nonalcoholic product”, he added.

He thanked Josephine Gabriel and Company for partnering with the Association and promised to manner the uniforms with distinction.







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