Joshua Francis Speaks on Youth Development

court_gavel1Attorney and (UWP) United Workers Party representative for the Grand Fond constituency, Mr. Joshua Francis, at a recently held meeting of the Opposition and Diaspora, noted some of the party’s strategies and goals to improve youth development.

He tackled the justice system here on the Island, highlighting that Team Dominica is interested in preventive measures.

“The first thing we intend to do is to work with NGO’s”, he said.

Mr. Francis believes that by working with these Non-Governmental Organisations and religious and educational institutions will help young people stay on positive paths.

Dominica, he claims has the highest rate of youth unemployment in the OECS, and for that reason Team Dominica’s first priority is to create jobs in Dominica to engage young people.

As it relates to the judiciary in Dominica, Mr. Francis stated that Team Dominica will work to employ more Magistrates in the interest of the young people.

UWP representative for Grand Fond constituency, Mr. Joshua Francis

UWP representative for Grand Fond constituency, Mr. Joshua Francis

“We’re hoping that we can train our Magistrates. As you know we have one family court in Dominica; we’re hoping that under Team Dominica’s administration, we will not only train the magistrates but we will provide the required facilities so that the magistrates can dispense justice in the interest of our young people.”

He added that although there are laws in place to govern the treatment of juvenile delinquents in Dominica, there are situations where these rules cannot be applied due to lack of resources.

It is hoped that the Team will be able to effectively sensitize the public on human rights and train police officers to deal with juvenile matters.

Opposition UWP will also seek to improve juvenile rehabilitation and national counseling for young men, adding it is time that we raise our standards.

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