Joshua Francis to Run For Roseau South Constituency in Next General Election

After long awaited corroboration, on Wednesday November 27th, Attorney at Law Joshua Francis officially confirmed his intentions to run as the (UWP) United Workers Party’s candidate for the Roseau South constituency, a strong hold of Honourable Ambrose George.

Mr. Francis said it was with great joy and with a sense of humility and patriotism that he took up this post.

vlcsnap-2013-11-29-16h21m44s59The Roseau South constituency includes the communities of Silver Lake, Bath Estate, Elmshall, Morne Bruce, Kings Hill, Nine Houses, Melvile Battery, Newtown, Citronier, Fortune, Eggleston, Giraudel, Castle Comfort, Wall House, Loubiere and Fond Baron.

Mr. Francis says the best days are ahead for these villages: “Roseau South deserves better…can achieve better…will achieve better. Together we will. Our best days are ahead”.vlcsnap-2013-11-29-16h21m24s107

He says he has had the opportunity to visit the homes of constituents and it is clear now, more than ever that that the communities are eager for change.

With the help of constituents a number of projects have already been identified to improve the qualitative and quantitative life of the people.

The candidate went on to pledge his support and honesty to the people.





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