Journalism Course to Begin at the Dominica State College

Mr. Matthew

Dean of the Faculty of Education, Mr. Merril Matthew

Journalists will now have the opportunity to freshen up their skills, as part of a course entitled “Brush up your Journalism Skills” organized by the Dominica State College.

The course which begins on January 15th, 2013 will run for 6 weeks, every Tuesday from 5pm – 8pm, at the Bath Estate Campus of Continuing Education.

At the Dominica State College they are in the habit of making people better at what they do.

Dean of the Faculty of Education, Mr. Merril Matthew, says with the importance of journalism in Dominica, we need to know what is happening in our country, and the world at large.

With these skills, Dominican journalists will be able to compete on a regional and international level.

Mr. Matthew believes that we need to move from just performing a task, to doing it well.

This is exactly what he feels this course will do.

Ms. Polly Pattullo will be the instructor for the next six weeks. She has done a lot of professional journalism and has even worked with the BBC, one of the most reputable media outlets in the world.

Mr. Matthew says having come from that background, Ms. Pattullo has a wealth of experience that she wants to share with us in Dominica.

The participants be able to learn new skills every week, practice those skills, and come back to share in discussions and interactions.

They believe that in six weeks time, with the competence of the instructor, they can take people who practice journalism to a place where they can compete at a regional level.

Some of the topics to be covered will be “How to find things out”.

They also want to ensure that the people who do the course are continually curious.

That is when they will make excellent journalists.

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