Journalist says Earl ‘Seko’ Grant Threatened Him

Local Journalist – Mr. Carlisle Jno Baptiste

Local Journalist – Mr. Carlisle Jno Baptiste

Earl Seko Grant – who was charged with conspiracy to commit arson, in relation to the December 25th 2010 firebombing of former Magistrate Glenworth Emmanuel’s home, has found himself in a quandary.

A local journalist – Mr. Carlisle Jno Baptiste, has reported that, Earl Seko Grant, who was granted bail on Friday May 31st, threatened him.

Mr. Jno Baptiste stated, while outside the Court on Friday May 31st, after receiving news that Mr. Grant would be bailed, while Mr. Grant was on his way to the courtroom, there were reporters trying to the capture of picture of him.

During that time, Mr. Jno Baptiste stated, Mr. Grant said, “Carlisle I will break your neck.”

Mr. Jno Baptiste claimed, after the proceedings at the Court, he spoke with Mr. Grant’s lawyer, Mrs. Zena Dyer, informing her of the incident.  She said she would speak to her client in reference to his claims.

He added, Mrs. Dyer requested that he remain silent on the matter and he agreed.

However, after discussions with other individuals, he was advised to take this matter seriously and file a formal report to the police.

Earl Seko Grant (in grey hoody)

Earl Seko Grant (In Grey Hoody)

This was done about an hour after the incident at the Roseau Police Station.

The journalist noted, that the police officer at the Roseau Police Station, called the St. Joseph Police Station when he made the report.

They informed them of the incident and the officers there were directed to make contact with Mr. Grant to notify him of the report filed against him.

He added, he does not see this incident as one that would require legal action, however he wants Mr. Grant to receive a stern warning to be very careful on the statements he makes, and to desist from making any further threats to him.

Quoted from Mr. Jno Baptiste, “Those things have far reaching implications; as if God forbid something happens to me, he will be the one responsible as he said he is going to break my neck”.





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