Jubilee Press Launch

The Faculty of Health Sciences of the Dominica State College is proud to announce the celebration of its 50th Anniversary of Formal Nursing Education in Dominica.

The successes of Nursing Education in Dominica will be highlighted during the week of celebrations that begin on October 28, under the theme ‘Honouring Our Heritage; Celebrating Our Successes’.


Miss Julie Blaize, the Acting Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences announced that at the 50th Anniversary of the Nursing in Dominica there will be much to celebrate.


The school will spearhead a dynamic programme of special activities that include a Creole Pot Luck, an Awards Dinner, Oldies Goldies and a Reunion River Revelry.


A theatrical performance depicting the development of Nursing and will be directed by Steve Hyacinth.


In addition, an Education Conference will be conducted by successful persons who completed the Nursing Program in Dominica.


The DSC believes in giving due recognition to people and programmes that have and continue to make significant positive impacts upon the lives of citizens of Dominica.


Mrs. Bernadette Austrie says that the goal of the different aspects of the 50th Anniversary is to introduce new aspects of the Nursing while recognizing the pioneers of the programme.


Nursing education in a formal setting began in Dominica in 1962 in what was then called the Princess Margaret Hospital School of Nursing.

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