Judge Vacates Injunction against Dominica Football Association

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Former President of the Dominica Football Association, (DFA) Mr. Patrick John

An injunction filed against the DFA, by Former President of the Dominica Football Association (DFA) Mr. Patrick John, has been lifted.

This injunction would have prevented the organization from electing a first vice president on Saturday July 27, 2013.

According to the Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Football Association, Gerald George, High Court Judge, Justice Brian Cottle, originally granted the injunction, but reversed the decision on Tuesday August 6th 2013.

The vacating of this decision cleared the way for the election of the DFA’s vice president.

When granted, the judge did not hear the side of the Dominica Football Association, Mr. George added.

Mr. George stated however, the Association is in no rush to elect a new first vice president, as they will await the outcome of Mr. John’s appeal, but they are within their rights.

Mr. John’s legal action, stems from an ongoing court battle, which came about when the Association unanimously voted to suspend him for the remainder of his term ending in 2015, while he was serving a two-year ban from FIFA.

The DFA is represented by attorney Kwandwani Williams.

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