Justice Finally Served In Sibling Murder Case



sentenced.jpgAttorney-at-Law Miss Dawn Yearwood-Stewart addressed a popular public opinion that her clients Manuella Williams and Lauretta Xavier were not remorseful after seeing them smile and wave after leaving the court after a hearing.

She said that her clients were only making an effort to raise the spirits of their children that they saw outside of court but could not speak to.

In addition she argued the point of how can one be remorseful for an action they did not commit as both women maintained their innocence during the trial.

Manuella she said had a good relationship with the deceased which only soured recently following allegations of obeah against his wife and though after being found guilty showed no real emotion in court broke down when being brought to the cell and described her as ‘bawling’ and was reported to have attempted suicide while in custody.

Mr. Norde, the counsel for Herbert Xavier begged for the judge not to impose a lengthy custodial sentence as Xavier at 32 was the father of 2 and had corporated with the police.

However, High Court Judge Brian Cottle said that he had to take into full consideration the circumstances surrounding the offense before making a sentence.

In this case, the deceased suffered from broken ribs at his back that punctured his lungs.

It is difficult, he said, to believe that Herbert Xavier was provoked as the convicted man claimed, and administered one blow to the head and evidence suggested that all three were involved in the altercation.

Therefore, when the deceased was half lying in a ditch on the ground, and in a helpless state, he was given blows with a 2×2 with enough force to break his ribs.

Lauretta Xavier, Herbert Xavier and Manuella Xavier of Soufriere have each been sentenced to 15 years in prison inclusive of 17 months they spent in prison awaiting the trial.

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